We were decided to go off the city for our Team Building activity. We chose outskirt area of “Ladghar Beach.” It was a day never to forget. It is approximately 250 km far from Pune. Through this the company tried to inculcate team values in the staff. This session was attended by TeamPrecise and it was indeed quite fun. This session was led by Mr. Om Mahajan, who with his experience and command over Management Skills, made all of us aware of what a TEAM is. Later, in the afternoon we had some fun filled activities like Cricket, Zombie Escape, Office Trivia & Rope Knot Game. These games made us realize the importance of TEAM and the cumulative efforts we can bring together which we can't do it alone. Big thanks to the Management for organizing such an activity.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and we cannot let that happen. Your idea of fun can be anything funky, we’ve got it covered. Maybe you like sports or partying. Debates & quizzes or movies & theatre. Diwali & Eid or Biryani & chaat. From skits to soccer and trivia to trekking, we’ve got whatever rocks your boat. The stage’s set, the podium’s raised. All of it starring, You!

Our inclusive work environment means that everyone’s opinion is valued. Diversity of thought and ideas enables us to provide better services to our clients. You’ll find that we live our values; that the way we all work is governed by some important principles.