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Why SMO Is Crucial For Your Business?

Marketing through the internet has grown exponentially, and various means have been developed to market different products and services to thousands if not millions of people in a short duration of time. In this digital sphere which we live in, two essential tools are used in digital marketing; these are SMM and SMO. They are almost alike, but they do differ in some aspects of implementation. One of the tools that are being used is SMO, which stands for Social Media Optimization. The other one is SMM which stands for Social Media Marketing. In this write-up, we will be discussing SMO.

The term Social Media Optimization was first coined by an Indian marketer by the name of Rohit Bhargava in his marketing blog in the month of August in the year 2006. He established five rules which he believed when followed would increase traffic to one’s site, increase engagement and rank highly in search engines results. These rules were called the five rules of Social Media Optimization.

Social Media Optimization or what is popularly known as SMO is a process of streamlining a website with a view of exposing it to various social media channels such as Facebook Twitter, social news, blogging, news and any link where your website can be linked socially.

When a website is designed in an eye-catching way, it entices people to engage with it via a web link with social media contacts and friends; common ways include; commenting or liking a post. Social media optimization helps businesses build brand visibility; it is made more aware of the social media links which breed familiarity helping to build trust and strengthen a brand.

Many companies close every day due to lack of business; this can be avoided by understanding how social media can impact and bring in business. Many business owners think that by having a website that is it, but more work is required. Having a website is usually just the starting point. There is a lot of web and search traffic that passes through the internet in every second. A lot of that traffic is generated through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other sites such as social bookmarking sites such as a Stumble Upon and Dig. With this realization, there is need of businesses to engage social media and see how it can be able to impact their business positively.

For a company to be able to engage the many millions of people assessing the internet the use of social media is a must. You must have a strategy of getting high volumes of traffic, and the first strategy is getting the attention of the search engines. After attracting them then you must be active on the social media sites as the search engines also take notice social media activities. The basics of Social media optimization, therefore, is the setting up of Facebook, Twitter accounts, and other social media sites embedded in the company or business website and managing the conversations that are being said positively in regards to the company. By finding users, followers, groups linking with social media sites, make one build a powerful network.

The secret of being at the top of the game is active on the social media tool or tools that you have chosen to work with.

Different ways can be used such as:
      Use of Facebook - Updating different events of your company using Facebook. Facebook has more than 1 billion users that are a vast network.
      Use of Twitter - Regularly tweeting of events and major announcements in using your company Twitter handle.
      Using Google Plus - Share updates via Google Plus has more than 250 million live users this can be engaged because of search engine optimization benefits.
      Use you YouTube - video is a fascinating and powerful format that can be used as a lot of people use it an estimated 1 billion people access it per month.

Advantages / Disadvantage

As using any other tool, there are some advantages and disadvantages. Here we are going to deal on some few of them:

      It creates attention in the internet world about your product or service.
      It creates a community around your services/product. Your brand awareness is increased.
      It creates instant exposure driving traffic to your website.
      It can attract targeted niche clients to your website.
      It creates trust and customer loyalty through constant engagement and promotions.

      Negative comments in regards to a product or service can spell doom to a brand.
      It may involve getting professionals to go about setting it this up hence it might cost money to the company.
      It can be time-consuming to the entrepreneur if they are going to do this by themselves.


Conversations will be had around the world involving millions of people in regards to the business that you are involved in. If you don’t take advantage of this, your competitors might, and the outcome might not be what you would love to see. Companies need must ensure tactics to take advantage of the social networks to pull new businesses to themselves. The way to do this is by the use of Social media optimization. Companies need to realize that social networks can become potent marketing tools if used properly.

Advertisements on television, radio, and newspapers can only reach a certain level of the audience in a certain geographical location, but using social media to advertise digitally it has the potential of reaching the whole world. Successful businesses today engage social media optimization to grow their businesses, built their brand, increase and expand their reachability. Indeed the benefits of social media optimization are enormous and cannot be understated or even ignored. Every company needs to take advantage this tool for their business to grow exponentially. Social media optimization then is a necessity and not a luxury if one is going to compete in this ever-evolving digital environment.