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School Management System

We provide everything you will ever need to run an education institution- no customization required and no expertise required to quickly accomplish tasks. Designed to engage teachers and parents, as well.

The main challenge for any school management system(private or public), is to maintain an exhaustive system that’s easy to use. The smooth functioning of an educational enterprise is dependent on the efficiency of the maintenance and recording process. Thanks to the advancement of technology, schools can now use simplified software solutions that automate the process of management.

Quick and easy way to search, access and edit all your student records

Allows them to perform their task efficiently depending on privileges assigned by their roles.

Create clear and error free timetables within minutes ensuring the best utilization and optimization of teachers and students.

Configure and Manage multiple classes according to courses or batches or subjects.

From supporting grading systems such as ICSE, CCE, CWA and GPA to generating various student exam-reports including scheduling and managing exams effortlessly to fit the needs

Integrated with barcode scanning functionality, you can efficiently manage and track all operations performed in library.

Manage or display latest news, Events, discussions, birthdays and leave applications.

Communicate with student parents and employees on a more personal level by sending communicative or update SMS’s directly to their mobile phones.

Allow them to perform their tasks efficiently depending on privileges assigned by their roles.

Configure and Manage multiple courses and batches according to your institution's systems and processes.

Configure and Manage multiple subjects according to courses or batches.

Mark and Track Student / Teacher / Employee attendance quickly.

Provide grades and feedback about a student’s performance in class and in exams.

Manage and Optimize your entire transport operation to ensure safe and efficient transportation of students to and from school

Live chat functionality for better and faster communication.

View the collected data in the form of reports for easy analysis. You could create reports in the form of graphs, charts and pivot tables or build custom dashboards.