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The basic understanding of software development

Many technical business houses do not understand the main concept of complex software development as a distinct concept. Softwares have gained so much traction as they are now integrated into every part of our life, and there’s no indication of stopping anytime soon. People have seldom witnessed that the software developers, or rather creators, refer to the process of software building as coding or writing, and the people who are good at it, have the additional job of testing the faults or bugs of the written programming codes.

There are several metaphorical comparisons when it comes to defining the concept of software development, like building a house or also writing a book. Creating software is also sometimes argued for being something artistic or scientific. No matter what, it is a hugely elaborate process. Software development cannot be described sparsely. But there are certain descriptions as well as comparisons which are clear and compact. Some of them are mentioned below:

Writing Software as a concept

One of the most common yet vague things which are compared in the creation of software is the reference of writing the codes. One can start writing a book without having the definite plan and can also go with the flow. In the case of software development as well, the engineer or the developer of the software create or write the codes in a flow, but will have a definite vision on how it should be structured. It is needless to say that the creation of software is tough and time-consuming. In the case of writing a book, you can refer to the related topics and subjects, but in the case of creating a Customized Software Development, a developer has to do the job on his or her own. They have to go through hundreds of trial and error phases and then hand over the draft in the hands of the tester who will fix bugs on the creator’s behalf. In India, Pune is one of the major hubs regarding software development. This is because of the tight competition among companies to become the

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This is also the reason why the IT sector is coming up with great apps and software programs and also their updated version in just a matter of days. Since in the world of technology change is the always constant, to keep up with the pace, the software is also getting transformed now and then. Hundreds and millions of software applications can be found nowadays, which are written down by the engineers and the developers for the ease of keeping pace with the rat race. This is a good thing, because, a book can become boring after reading it a few times, but the softwares will change their overall looks and features upon every update they receive from the developers. This helps the softwares to stay fresh without giving the users a sense of dullness regarding usability.

The concept of growing a software

The concept of growing a software comes with the concept of updating it in various versions. Growing does not only mean to increase the application's size but updating it with some additional features. Take, for instance, the operating system of the Android. Since so many years after its inception, people have come across its latest version known as Android Nougat, or the Android Version 7. Therefore, you can jolly well understand that the Android phone that came in the market years ago did not have the features, which the latest Android phones have. This is the case for every other software, after each iteration they get more features and gain usability than the versions preceding them. This is how software developers or software companies cope up with the ever-changing needs of the users.