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Everyone one of us is familiar with the notion "India is a DEVELOPING country." A majority of the people in India still prefer the hard copy over the soft one. But if I am to make you understand the development of software in this country then I would have to tell you a short story first, I know I shouldn't get into fiction to make you understand this and the fact that you already have a view of it.

The fiction I am about to ask you to read is a series of events I went through today and Yesterday.

[1] I arrived in Delhi last night for some personal work, and with little money in my wallet I made it to a hotel with the help of an app-based car service I paid the taxi fare using the application, to check into a hotel which I was booked with the help of another application while travelling from the bus stop. Now if I choose to continue you will be shocked, on how each one of us is dependent on these small things that we are hardly even noticing.

[2] I was hungry when I checked in and decided to call the room service for some food, but unfortunately, it was too late, so now I had to sleep on an empty stomach. As frustrating as it is, I decided to forget it and call my best friend in Guwahati using internet based calling application where we had the luxury of actually seeing each other (helped in expressing myself better over a long distance) and told her about the frustrating run I had yesterday. Would you believe it that 20 mins later, I had food delivered to me by a guy, courtesy to a caring friend who had the brains to order food to my doorstep using an application. This is just an evening. Today standing at the Rajiv Chowk Metro station, I heard an announcement, where it was being asked to use the Delhi Metro card and the payment in it using credit cards, debit cards, and internet banking.

For a company to be able to engage the many millions of people assessing the internet the use of social media is a must. You must have a strategy of getting high volumes of traffic, and the first strategy is getting the attention of the search engines. After attracting them then you must be active on the social media sites as the search engines also take notice social media activities. The basics of Social media optimization, therefore, is the setting up of Facebook, Twitter accounts, and other social media sites embedded in the company or business website and managing the conversations that are being said positively in regards to the company. By finding users, followers, groups linking with social media sites, make one build a powerful network.

I will help you with this, you would have got down on the bus, requested the auto rickshaw or taxi driver to drop you at a hotel after a undergoing a frustrating negotiation of price to a location and then would have checked into a hotel the driver took you to, and slept off on an empty stomach.

The initial stages when the software was being introduced in India did cause a lot of fear among people on how it would affect their jobs and day to day activities because of the lack of training and thought of being embarrassed and the fear of losing their jobs to these smart and quick things. But, the development has been so steadfast, and the willingness to use them has turned India into a giant in the software sector. Being a developing country in major areas, software is an area where we can surely say that we are at par with the best of the best. It is really difficult to put stages on our development considering the pace at which it has grown. Companies are willing to invest in this sector for better and faster results, in fact, companies are going to great extents to ensure that there is a backup software to the present software that the are trying, some might call it the uncertainty of the current software but I will call it security.

The need of software in everyday activity either personal or professional front can be considered as a catalyst for such a quick and smooth adaptation of everything that was tried here in India, be it social media, banking, traveling ,insurance, policies, taxation, listening to music on demand or jobs. The need for making life simpler and easier is not the only thing these can do, just as there are two sides of a person, the devil is as strong as the angel, making people vulnerable to being criticized, bankrupt and others can be left to the imagination.

The idea of using it the wrong way to mock people, and hamper the daily activity of any individual is one downside that is in a lot of practice in the present. Making fools out of people through apps that might cause you to lose money or private data. Certain areas are being identified to implement software’s that are benefiting people in clerical jobs as well. Human resource management system is one such example wherein information of thousands of employees can be stored, tracked and revised without the trouble of going through tons of files. It can solve queries in minutes. Simple as it may sound, a lot of varieties of the same software are also available,being unique either regarding speed, reliability, user-friendly or all of them depending on the amount one is willing to pay to ensure easy and reliable service.

The development of software did also help in creating a lot of job opportunities, while also encouraging people to turn into entrepreneurs. The Indian society at large has accepted softwares as a part of daily routine and now feels that they are ready to test whatever is tried in this sector. The penetration of software in the rural sectors has helped in solving many issues, one of the many being coverages regarding daily updates of the region.

The future seems as bright as an afternoon sun, only if we are ready to live in the light of it, and it had made it possible for me to write this blog while traveling in a bus using a notes application to send it out to everyone using an application. The software development in India can simply be put as the phases of fear, opportunity, and promises that need to be cultivated on our own. The new technological advances open up new possibilities day by day, the decision to either grow along side it or to resist it lies in our own hands.